We combine technology, skills and dedication to grow more with less. We want to be top environmental stewards.

Amaretto Foods is focussed on producing more with less through the adoption and utilization of the latest almond production technology. Amaretto aims to minimize its environmental footprint and be good environmental stewards. The management team endeavour to search for new technologies which allow them to produce more almonds using less water, electricity, fuel, fertilizers and sprays. This both improves Amaretto Foods environmental footprint whilst driving shareholder returns.

Technologies adopted include farm management software from Conservis which allows the Amaretto team to manage operational data and utilise GPS to track all machinery creating transparency across the whole business from planning and budgeting, purchasing and inventory, production, harvest and distribution.

A second leading edge technology in use is a water utilisation efficiency technology from Phytech which measures the level of water in trees by using accurate sensors allowing orchard management early alert of tree stress. This technology monitors water uptake giving the team the tools to know exactly when and how much to irrigate, optimising water use and substantially cutting out water wastage.