Operating high quality existing almond orchards whilst developing new green field sites for a diversified portfolio across locations and tree ages.

Currently, 80% of the world’s almonds are grown in California, where there are growing demands for water, with strong competition from the wine industry.

Australia offers ideal climatic conditions for almonds and a sophisticated and mature water trading market. In late December 2017, the Cibus funds completed the acquisition of 430 hectares of productive almond orchards near Lake Powell in Victoria, close to the border with New South Wales in Australia. This was an asset purchase of a fully mature orchard and forms a base from which to develop a full-scale almond business.

In August 2018, a further 560 hectares of land ideal for almonds has been acquired and further greenfield developments are being sought, with a target of 1500 hectares. All aspects of the Lake Powell orchard are being reviewed, with the aim to make it and future acquisitions at the leading edge of almond growing.

Lake Powell

Net Hectares: 430 ha

Year Planted: 2007

Coordinates: 34’44’48S, 142’55’15E

Latitude & Longtitude: -34.763679, 142.9019864


Net Hectares: 560-600 ha

Year Planted: 2019

Coordinates: 35’04’44S, 143’21’56E

Latitude & Longtitude: -35.1025486, 143.3395664